While I appreciate the idea behind the new site iTherapy it does have a few issues with actual human interaction, for example take this exchange between me and the bot:

Human: I knows eh!
TARA at iTherapy.com: Are you Canadian? I am learning more about you all the time.: said knows.

Human: I already said I wasn’t Canadian
TARA at iTherapy.com: Perhaps I misunderstood. What were you?

Human: Well at one point I was a ball of cells called a gastrula
TARA at iTherapy.com: Well that’s okay. Do you often use a computer there?

Human: Well yes, we’re so advanced in New Zealand we’ve made uterus based computing the future
TARA at iTherapy.com: How about that. How much time do you spend online? Do you think I am advanced in New Zealand we made uterus based computing the future too?

Well, at least it gives it a go I guess. But it’s not going to be an adequate replacement for a human being any time soon I’m afraid.


Man, I suck at blogging

It’s either that I fail at blogging or that I’m so busy with my work to write regular updates.

I’d like to think it’s that I am busy.

I heard this on the morning news and thought I just had to bring it up here as the Pope has added a whole bunch of new sins that will send you to hell. Some of these I can somewhat understand, but a couple are just a little narrow-sighted in their intention:

“You offend God not only by stealing, blaspheming or coveting your neighbour’s wife, but also by ruining the environment, carrying out morally debatable scientific experiments, or allowing genetic manipulations which alter DNA or compromise embryos,” he said.

Morally debatable experiments? Does that mean anything you disagree with? The part about genetic manipulations of embryos could be understood from the point of view of making humanity into some sort of “perfect” vision of some deranged group or individual, but there are many valid reasons to manipulate the genome of an embryo such as in the case of hereditary genetic diseases. These sorts of blanket rulings are not going to be conductive to bringing people back to the Catholic church or convincing anyone that the church isn’t still sticking itself firmly in the dark ages.

Edit: Dr. Myers has some more commentary here.

So it seems that Bush and company have decided that they are no longer forcing much of their AIDs money to go into abstinence only campaigns. Instead they now require ‘justification’ if less than 50% of money doesn’t go into abstinence or faithfulness campaigns, which may sound reasonable but it will depend in my view on how stringent they are (and what conditions they stick on that). The ABC (Abstinence, Be faithful and use Condoms) campaign in Nigeria showed this can be a very effective approach, but preaching abstinence and faithfulness alone is utterly worthless for doing much of anything. If this is just another way of enforcing more money into going into campaigns that clearly don’t work well rather than sensible sexual education and prevention campaign (and that means encouraging things like condom use) then it’s just going to make things worse.

Crazy woman and her dog that goes nuts in the park. I believe the explanation she gives about the dogs behaviour is not only funny, it’s just making everything worse than it already was.

It’s fun to be busy.

Very busy at the moment so no updates for today. Hopefully more science this week and next week once I get things sorted.

Imperial Guard WIP

We all have our hobbies, mine is assembling and painting plastic models such as these Imperial Guard, which are still a WIP as I’m not decided on if I like the colour scheme or not. It’s supposed to be a kind of urban camo, but I’m not sure how well it comes off. Click for the full sized image.




The Imperial Guard have always appealed to me, partly because they are just regular people armed with a pretty average weapon who rely on sheer numbers and weight of firepower to overcome all sorts of horrible things.