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While I appreciate the idea behind the new site iTherapy it does have a few issues with actual human interaction, for example take this exchange between me and the bot:

Human: I knows eh!
TARA at iTherapy.com: Are you Canadian? I am learning more about you all the time.: said knows.

Human: I already said I wasn’t Canadian
TARA at iTherapy.com: Perhaps I misunderstood. What were you?

Human: Well at one point I was a ball of cells called a gastrula
TARA at iTherapy.com: Well that’s okay. Do you often use a computer there?

Human: Well yes, we’re so advanced in New Zealand we’ve made uterus based computing the future
TARA at iTherapy.com: How about that. How much time do you spend online? Do you think I am advanced in New Zealand we made uterus based computing the future too?

Well, at least it gives it a go I guess. But it’s not going to be an adequate replacement for a human being any time soon I’m afraid.


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